30 Photos Which Capture All The “Agony” Of Modern Existence.

Such photos are not for the faint-hearted but she appears quite comfortable!

Don’t feel horrified, she looks quite comfortable!

Even though they have cause the bull they continue to play…

These two brothers won the lottery at the same day! No one wants to be the guy on the left!

Why does he do this to me?

I just wanted to replace the toner…

What true pain is when something like this happens 😨

Is this a jelly doughnut?!!

This is how my wife “changes” toilet rolls…

Forget it..

Thus driving me to a nervous breakdown.

Still love it 😂

“Villain of the Year” whoever invented this!


Some people would do best to stay away from the kitchen…

You have to think it before

As far away as possible!

We certainly can understand some people disliking their workmates, but to offer one’s colleagues a treat like this is going too far!

What a hell 😱

Oh, this is exactly what every air traveler needs — to see some guy mending the plane with sticky tape right before takeoff!

The scariest idea ever!

When you’ve been “fixed” in advance but you’re gonna break anyway — just because you’re a cable from Apple…

Are your kids ok?

“Mom, why are you yelling at me? You should be thanking me for letting you surf the net in peace and quiet!”

This is what 5 minutes of silence looks like in a house with children:

Are you the only “baby” in the family?

After a bath…

This is what happened when I took my Corgi to the styling salon:

NEVER give a Husky a haircut!

Makes your heart bleed, doesn’t it?!

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